National Hockey League suspends season


2020 is a mess.

On Thursday, the National Hockey League decided to suspend their season due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The announcement comes just a day after the NBA shut things down temporarily, and on the same day the MLS and NLL suspended all games.

Of the possible scenarios, the league could cancel the regular season and when prepared to resume with the playoffs. OR If the situation worsens, the entire season would be cancelled (do we give Boston the cup then?!).

Let’s not forget, the world is bigger than sports, but the games we all love, employ millions of people and without this, who knows what will/can/would happen.

All-in-all, I think everyone is hoping for players safety and health to be top of mind here. Whether you think the (social) Media is blowing things out of proportion or not, you can’t help but to hope a vaccine for COVID-19 is successfully created and we can move forward past this.

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