MLB Is Officially Back!!

Greg Cowan
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The MLB has FINALLY come to an agreement to declare a season will officially happen. Are the players happy? Who cares. Are the owners happy? Who cares. All I and every other baseball fan cares about is the fact a season will happen.

Now, let's take a look at what the season has in store for us....

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Camps open July 1st and players will have three weeks to ramps everything up before the season officially starts July 23rd or 24th. Let's be honest about this ramp up though, players aren't going to be game ready when the season starts. The first two weeks of games will essentially be an extended spring training for everyone, especially the pitchers. That's fine though, because it still means baseball is back.

We get a universal DH, which honestly should stay even after this is all over, and a 60 game season. The only downside to a short even number of games is the higher chance of ties at the end of the season. I would have preferred 65 games, but beggars can't be choosers...unless you're the players or owners.

The trade deadline, extra inning rules, and injured list rules are nothing to really get into at the moment. The point is baseball is BACK!! The diehard fans are happy. The casual fan won't forget about the sport. A young generation of fans doesn't have to be lost.

The biggest thing to remember among all of this is THE HOUSTON ASTROS CHEATED AND SHOULD STILL GET PLENTY OF BEANBALLS EVEN IN A SHORTENED SEASON!! Outside of that, I can't wait to watch a season where pitchers should be pushed to the brink, guys should be swinging for the fences every at bat, and we won't be forced to watch pitchers bunt or stare at three strikes to get to the top of the order.

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Because where else would you find monstrous home runs, mascots racing and just some old-fashioned bloopers in one place?

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