Manziel best AAF Quarterback as soon as he signs?

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Now that our favorite Quarterback Johnny Football is available, where do we think he will rank among Alliance of American Football starting quarterbacks?  That’s assuming he’ll start right away of course, or even get signed (c’mon, he’s getting signed).

Let’s start with completion percentage based on quarterbacks that play a lot and have more than 10 attempts. John Wolford is at 63% completion percentage.  Manziel threw for 57% completion percentage in the NFL in 15 games and in eight games of the Canadian Football League he threw for 64%. So where do we place the AAF? If the league is worse than the CFL, then you assume Johnny’s percentage will go up.  It’s probably more likely that the CFL and the AAF are somewhere in line with each other so we can go ahead and predict Manziel will match the highest completion percentage in the AAF, around 60%.

Manziel’s touchdown-to-interception ratio has never been that good, in the NFL he threw for seven touchdowns and seven interceptions and in the Canadian Football League he threw for five touchdowns and seven interceptions. The two best possible quarterbacks in the AAF right now are John Wolford who has seven touchdowns, the most in the league, and three interceptions or Garrett Gilbert who has five touchdowns and no interceptions. However, we’re back to the argument Johnny has played in tougher leagues (or at least the highest league and then a comparable league to the AAF).


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So let’s compare Johnny with presumably the AAF’s best quarterback right now Garrett Gilbert. The only way we can really do that is by looking at their college stats. Garrett Gilbert started 37 games between Texas and SMU  and threw for 58.7% passing percentage with 9,761 yards 49 touchdowns and 45 interceptions for a quarterback rating of 116.3.

Johnny, On the other hand, played in 26 games and had a 68.9% completion percentage with 7,820 yd 63 touchdowns and 22 interceptions for a quarterback rating of 164. Should we mention he played in the SEC also?

Manziel also had better professional stats in the NFL compared to Gilbert. So as dumb as he may be by squandering chances and despite the distraction he could be for a team, you could argue that if someone signed him now he would immediately be the best quarterback in the entire league.

Of course, Zach Mettenberger could ruin all of this because he’s 9 of 12 for 120 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions in his first 2 quarters of play. At the very least you could logically argue that Manziel will either be the best or second best quarterback in the AAF within a couple weeks.



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