LA Wildcats Recap – Week 2

Jamil Yancey-Brown
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1st Quarter

Wildcats decide to kickoff and get a touchback renegades start drive at the 15
Renegades run 4 short pass plays complete 2 and with 1 going for a 1st down.
The Wildcats force the punt and start at their 18. 2 run plays to start the game and then Johnson completes the 1st down to Whitfield on a 8 yard throw
Spruce keeps drive going with a 13 yard reception on 3rd and 11. To keep the drive rolling
3 pass plays 3 incompletes here comes the punter.
51 yard punt lands inside the Renegades 15 yard line
Renegades 2nd drive had 2 long pass plays which resulted in getting to the Wildcats 30. 2 plays later Wildcats get an interception from and return it to the Dallas 48.
The next drive the Wildcats offense seemed like it was in a good rhythm to go in for a score and then disaster it’s ugly head with Elijah Hood fumbling at the Dallas 8.
So at the end of 1 these teams are tied in

2nd Quarter

About 7 seconds into the 2nd quarter
Landry Jones fumbled the snap and
Wildcats Reggie Howard recovered at the
LA 47. Both teams exchanged punts on their next drives.
The Wildcats were able to put together another very solid drive late in the 1st Half and due to miscommunication the Wildcats drive stalled at the Dallas 29.
Nick Novak kicked a 47 Yard FG to give the Wildcats a 3-0 lead with 2:54 left in the 1st half.
Renegades put together a drive of their
own with 15 plays that yielded 50 yards
that ran the clock down to 12 seconds.
MacGinnis completed a 41 yard field Goal that knots the game up at 3-3 going into

3rd Quarter

The Wildcats started the 2nd half with the ball just to put together another drive that started well but stalled at the Dallas 38.
Nick Novak misses a 50 yard Field Goal by a few inches regardless the game stays 3-3.
On the next Renegades drive the struggles of Landry Jones continued 4 plays in throws an interception to LB Will Smith at the LA 26 yard line.
The Wildcats finally get some big plays thanks to some favorable calls by the refs that resulted in another visit to the red zone.
Brandon Barnes made a huge catch for 15 yards and had his face mask pulled off getting the Wildcats down to the Dallas 3 after the penalty
Deja Vu! another bad exchange between Johnson and Hood. Which results in another red zone fumble. Recovered by the Renegades.
The Renegades then put together some long passing plays that was able to move the ball to the LA 27. The drive against stalls but not after a 12 play drive that are up over 6 minutes.
MacGinnis proceeds to knock down a 45 yard Field Goal to put the Renegades up 6-3

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4th Quarter

The opening drive of the final quarter starts with a bang on a 12 play for 64 yards that ends in a 6 yard TD to Spruce for his 1st TD of his XFL career and the 1st TD of the game for both sides.
Johnson throws an interception on the PAT which makes the score 9-6 Wildcats with 11:40 left to go in the game.
The next Dallas drive starts with a huge sack by the Wildcats LB Willie Mays for an 8 yard loss.
Jones was able to regain his composure and throw 2 darts that resulted in 1st Downs.
Cameron Artis-Payne rips off 2 huge runs in the shotgun formation the 1st went for 14 yards and the 2nd resulted in a 21 yard TD.
The PAT was good on a 2 yard run into the end zone by Artis-Payne the Renegades go up 13-9 with 8:52 to go in the game
The Wildcats next drive had a little promise but once again it stalls out in their own territory at the 28
Flynn Nagal returned a 45 yard punt to the LA 35 for a 45 yard gain.
The Renegades go to the run once again this time with Lance Dunbar getting 14 yard run on the 1st play of the drive and then 9 yards on the 2nd carry.
The Renegades worked the ball to the LA 3 and then Jones fires a shot to Parham for a TD.
The Renegades miss the PAT the score is 19-9 Renegades 13 unanswered points in the 4th with 4:55 to go into the game
Martez Carter sets up the Wildcats in great field position after a 48 Yard Kickoff Return
On the 1st play of the drive Johnson throws a beautiful deep ball to Spruce for a 44 yard TD on a perfect post route.
The Wildcats convert a 3pt conversion the 1st in XFL history to make the score 19-18 Renegades
The Renegades running game has became the pain in the side of the Wildcats. Cameron Artis-Payne probing time be the bell cow of this Renegades Offense on this drive he ran for 48 yards total that was capped off by a 17 yard TD that looks it could be the dagger
The Renegades bitch the snap on the PAT and the score is 25-18 Renegades
Johnson and The Wildcats final drive started at the 1:05 mark.
Johnson had 4 chances to move the ball down the field and each pass fell short the last almost picked off.
With 32 Seconds left and 1 Timeout we just wait for the final snap
Renegades win 25-18
The Wildcats fall to 0-2 while the visiting Dallas Renegades go 1-1 on the season.

Wildcats Top Players Stats

Johnson:19/35 201 Pass Yards 2TDS
Hood:10 Car;31 Yards;2 Fumbles
Spruce:6 Rec;89 Rec Yards;2TDS
Dixon:8 Tackles
Mays:3 Tackles; 1 Sack
Reed:3 Tackles; 1 Sack

Renegades Top Players Stats

Jones:305 Pass Yards;1TD;2INT
Artis-Payne:14 Car;99 Rush Yards;2TDS
Parham:5 Rec;76 Rec Yards;1TD
Brown:5 Tackles
Rivers:1 Sack
Davison:2 Tackles;1 Sack

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