January 21: NHL Power Rankings

Cody Janzen
Well I feel like things in the NHL are starting to balance out finally and I can provide a better assessed power rankings.

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning – When they’re on, they’re good. Not sure if they’ll make much noise in playoffs if history repeats itself.
  2. San Jose – only one word needed here, experience.
  3. Calgary Flames – if they Flames get goaltending, be worried. They can score with the best, but also allow goals with the worst.
  4. Vegas Golden Knights – consistency is key and the misfits are proving they aren’t a one trick pony.
  5. Washington Capitals – if this team gets rolling again they could be the clear favourites to win the cup. Holtby is a massive difference maker when he’s on his game.
Honourable mentions: Nashville, Toronto
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