Intro: BSR BLOG!

Clayton Windsor


This is your captain speaking. Clayton Windsor. Florida native. Drinking athlete. And most importantly, the Host of BSR: Basement Sports Report. (You can find us on twitter @PodcastBSR FOLLOW!)

I am proud to announce that a few of our insiders wanted to take some initiative and bring to the people another way to get our content. This is another way to get our sports opinions, grievances, and the occasional hot takes off our chest. This is the new BSR Blog.

The following BSR Insiders will be contributing to get us started:

@Hbeebe44 is our Down South College Football Insider. War Damn.

@AEthier22 goes by the name of BOSTON. He is our insider and representative of obnoxious Boston sports fans everywhere.

@Tunes352 aka Tuna Fish, is our DFS and gambling insider.

Give these guys a follow. All three expressed interest to write blogs, so damnit they are gonna write. Bertzyk and myself will be contributing from time to time as well.

If you thought the twitter feed was electric…….more to come soon.


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