I’m an NFL Hypocrite, But at Least I admit it; The Captain Lou Six Pack Challenge, and More!

Lou Gamelin

I’ve had it up to here with Antonio Brown. Who hasn’t, right? He put on a show to get his way out of Pittsburgh, so he gets traded to Oakland. Blah, blah blah, he does everything he can to get out of there, and ends up going to the best run franchise in professional sports. Now the latest with the sexual assault allegations. How does this continue to happen? It all goes back to what I’ve said years ago. If you can run, catch, throw, hit, shoot a ball or a puck, you get an extra lease on life as a professional athlete. You can get away with just about anything and come out smelling like a rose. Just don’t tell me as a professional franchise that you are going to draft or hire or sign character guys. Don’t tell me that the shield is above one player, then sign a player that makes a mockery of your rules and league. That tells me you are hypocritical. I said ten years ago I would stop watching because of this stuff going on, but I’m seeing myself right in front of the TV, with my favorite chicken wings watching The Shield. I’m a hypocrite, but at least I admit it!

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Week one of the NFL is in the books! There were some great games, there were some clunkers. There were some great performances, there were some skunkers, if that is a word. Sorry for the pun!

We were all set for the coronation of The Cleveland Browns as the 2019 Super Bowl Champions. But someone forgot to tell them you can’t win with 18 penalties. The New York Jets were supposed to be their best since Broadway Joe led them to the Super Bowl. Someone forgot to tell them to show up for the fourth quarter. New England is New England. Pittsburgh is still their…well little brother, as Mike Hart from Michigan once said beautifully. Miami is in embarassment mode, already. Is your team on the right track? I’d love to say mine is.

For those of you that don’t know, or haven’t seen my weekly show on the network, ‘The Captain Lou Extravaganza,” which airs every Tuesday night from 8 to 10 pm ET, I am a masochist Detroit Lions fan. I have been since 1970. I’ve seen one playoff win with them in my lifetime, 1991 against Dallas. I’ve seen the Monte Clark prayer to the sidelines in 1983 before Eddie Murray missed the game winning field goal against San Fransisco. I’ve lived through Sterling Sharpe doing jumping jacks in the end zone awaiting the game winning bomb from Brett Favre in 1994 in the last home playoff game for Detroit. I’ve lived through Bobby Ross implementing a full back to deter Barry Sanders and freeze out Herman Moore. I’ve survived the Matt Millen era. I’ve said I will never waste another Sunday watching them. I’m a hypocrite, but I admit it. This Sunday is a new low. Up 24-6 near the end of the 3rd quarter, they had me hooked. I was dancing and thinking, just maybe we can start out with a convincing win. Then they quit coaching, ran out of gas, and made another rookie quarterback look like Joe Montana. If I was Matt Stafford, id be on the phone with my agent, and say TRADE ME NOW!! I can’t trade my team. All i can say is I’m done watching the Lions on Sunday. And I said that at 8pm, last Sunday night. But I will be there at 1pm ET right in from of the TV with a great pizza. Yes I am an NFL Hypocrite, but at least I admit it!

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This is Week number 3 of The Captain Lou Six Pack Challenge. How it works is I pick three games against the spread college and pro. IF you can beat me picking those games, you could be put into the drawing for a $100 Visa Gift Card, given away at the end of the season! Here are the games that I picked:

Iowa State +2 against Iowa
Michigan State -13.5 at home vs. Arizona State
California -14 at home vs. North Texas

Tennessee -3 at home vs. Indianapolis
Cleveland -2.5 at New York Jets
New England -19.5 at Miami

To enter, just like our my facebook page, The Captain Lou Extravaganza, and leave them there. follow me on twitter @realcaptainlou, or email them to me at [email protected] Its that easy and good luck!

Will you be there on Sunday watching your favorite team after they disappointed you and you said you wouldn’t watch? I will be. Yes I am an NFL Hypocrite, but at least I admit it! See you there on Sunday!

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