Harbaugh staying at Michigan is a Good Thing. Here’s why:

Lou Gamelin

Jim Harbaugh signed his 4 year extension today.  He’s taking a pay cut, but with incentives I think will be ok.  Yes I know, he is 0-5 against Ohio State and 3-3 against Michigan State, his two biggest rivals.  Yes, I know he is 1 and 4 in bowl games.  Believe me, I hear it all the time.  I get reminded of it constantly, especially living in Spartan country.  “He needs to go!’  “He can’t win the big game!”  He’s nothing, he’s overrated.  He’s arrogant.  He’s this.  He’s that!  Oh did I say he’s a winner?  Oh yes, he’s that too.

Do you remember when Michigan in a sense pushed Lloyd Carr out the door?  Look what good that did them.  They got Rich Rod, who was the next best thing, and he tried to change the culture.  Culture of what?  a 80% winning percentage?  Where did that get Michigan fans?  Then Brady Hoke.  One winning season, then he hit the skids.  How did that look, Michigan fans?

Contrary to what Paul Finebaum says, or even some of the other hosts on this network, Michigan will always be relevant.  And Harbaugh has magnified that.  He thought out of the box, at first.  Doing satellite camps in SEC country.  If the roles were reversed and Nick Saban was doing this in Michigan or Ohio, he would be called a genius.  Then the trips to France, South Africa and so on.  What was so bad about this.  Alumni helped pay for it, and it was a trip of a lifetime for these players, and coaches.  Again, if Saban, or D’antonio ,or big bad Urban Meyer did this,  they’d say “wow, what a great thing!”  Oh did I mention Jim Harbaugh is 49-22, a 70% win percentage.  That is bad?  In what world.

Oh I just heard it again, Harbaugh is 0-5 against Ohio St.  Tom Herman just got fired in Texas for not beating Oklahoma in 3 or 4 years.  How can you accept this?   Let me ask you this:  Who in the B1G Ten is having tremendous success against Ohio St. this decade or century?  I am not making excuses for Michigan in this department.  Yes, they should be beating them, but right now, Ohio St. is just at another level.  Michigan will get there.

Oh, Michigan deserves better, We demand perfect, we demand excellence.  Ok, tell me….who could Michigan gotten that is better. Realistically, who could they have gotten better?  I am waiting…….Campbell from Iowa State?  He is better?  How, and why?  What is he going to do that Jim Harbaugh couldn’t.  Who else…….I am still waiting.   I am waiting…….

Michigan is not relevant anymore.   Oh really.   Everyone nationwide has an opinion.   If he isn’t relevant, or if Michigan isn’t relevant, then why does everyone talk about them and him.   He brought fans to the stands.  He brought more dollars into the football program, and the university.

But Harbaugh  is 0-5 against Ohio St.  Yes I hear you say that again.   Yes, he does have to beat Ohio St.   I heard you.   It doesn’t matter what I say, I am always going to hear that.

I have seen it happen way too many times in my life.  Grass is always greener.  Be careful what you wish for.  It happened before with Michigan, they rushed out a national championship winner.  A coach that took time to win.  We live in such a what have you done for me lately society and instant gratification society.  It will be ok.

Jim Harbaugh is the right choice.  I believe he will keep Michigan relevant, and take the next step to the college football playoff.  Be patient.  It’s coming.   There is plenty of room on that bandwagon, and yes you will be welcome back on!

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