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Fulton Vs Leo Clash of The Undefeated

Written By Pop Dibiase

Stephon Fulton and Angelo Leo are both

undefeated and proven. Both have their

big moment occurring on Showtime

Championship Boxing on Saturday 8/1 at

the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

These 2 fighters are undefeated and

proven both have fought on big stages in

undercards and have also headlined main

events in a division that is so deep these

are 2 of the best and both are very worthy

of a shot at a title which will become a

reality for one of these undefeated


Stephon Fulton has been through every

possible scenario it seems like in the ring

and has passed the eye test.

Fulton is the favorite coming into to the

fight has fought the likes Josh Greer Jr

and Adam Lopez besting both fighters by

decision. The Philly native has been bred

to be a world champion and was very

confident in the 1st presser for his fight

against Leo last week. Fulton said that “he

feels he is the better boxer and despite

Leo being 19-0 Fulton felt that his resume

of fights had not prepared Leo the way

his resume has prepared him for this title


I interviewed Angelo Leo on Friday after

his training was done for the day in Las

Vegas. Leo said he felt good about this

fight and is prepared for the moment after

headlining 2 Mayweather promotions

cards and facing off against a former title

contender in his last 3 fights. Also he feels

he already had his toughest test and that

has prepared him for the fight against

Fulton. Leo is 1 of the top fighters on

Mayweather Promotions and has

impressed many in the camp with poise

and patience.

Leo had humble beginnings and grew up a

big fan of the sport. His father has been

very to key to his development. Leo and

his father made the decision to move to

Las Vegas to get more exposure after the

scene in New Mexico dried up. Leo was

able to spar Tank Davis the star of

Mayweather promotions and did very well.

This lead to him being signed to the

promotion and groomed by Leonard

Ellerbe the right hand man to Mayweather.

On Saturday night hardwork and

dedication will be on full display as these

2 combatants fight for the right to be a

champion. Both guys are very humble

there has been minimal trash talk leading

up to this fight. It’s just about getting the

win for these guys but there can only be 1.

Tune in Saturday Night(8/1) at 9pm on

Showtime. Live from the Mohegan Sun

Casino in Uncasaville,CT.

Written By:Pop Dibiase

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