Now I’m not going to do a long sappy blog about where 12oz Sports is at today, but anyone who’s been following us for some time knows that we never quit and we always get back up for more.

Fill The Cup.

12oz Sports isn’t just another shitty podcast network putting out mediocre content that sounds like it’s from 2002, we’re not a fake burnt barn promoting dry zoom calls as a “tv show” and we’re certainly not a lame blog pretending to be insiders covering sports.

We’re as authentic as they come. One goal, one passion. Entertaining content.

That’s why we’re the ones out there broadcasting baseball in the rain, that’s why we’re the ones staying up all night to cover a 24 hour car rally, that’s why we’re the ones broadcasting hockey games in freezing cold rinks, that’s why we’re the ones providing the best lacrosse coverage in Alberta and that’s why we’re the ones pumping out entertaining shows seven days a week.

You might see 12oz Sports as a small media company, but we’re always growing and we’ll keep grinding.

#FillTheCup means we’ll never quit, stop or slow down. #FillTheCup means we’re going to succeed, even when you think we’re not. #FillTheCup means we’re changing the sports media game forever and when you think we’ve run out, gone dry and lost it all, we fill that damn cup.


We do it for you, and we hope you’ll buy a shirt to show your support for us.


– 12oz Sports

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