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12 oz Sports Radio

Exclusive Shows

The World Hockey Report

The World Hockey Report with Cody and Adam is your weekly update for hockey news around the globe! It’s not easy to keep up with the ever moving hockey world, but Cody and Adam connect you with all the latest information, topical discussion and guests who’ve laced up the skates. Fans can connect with Cody Janzen and Adam  Ehrmantraut on Twitter @Janner31_ @AEhrmantraut @worldhockeyrpt
Catch new episodes every Friday at 6pm EST, only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

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Scout Team After Dark

For sports fans, by sports fans...

LIVE! Wednesday's at 7:30pm EST and Replay on Friday's at 3:30pm EST, only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

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What's Up What's Up Sports

What’s going on in the world of College Football, the NFL, NBA, MLB and NASCAR. With Jimmy Young and Chris Cook. As Jimmy and Chris debate on the latest sports news, game picks and more.


Live every Tuesday at 10am EST and Thursday at Noon EST only on 12 oz Sports Radio


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The Vegas Squares

Welcome in to The Vegas Squares Podcast. Our show talks about all things sports and sports betting. We like to have fun and put a bit of money on the games. If you’re a recreational sports gambler like us, tune in to the podcasts. Feel free to interact with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or, check out our website www.VegasSquares.com Catch them every Monday night at 8pm EST, Thursday at 7pm EST, Saturday at 11am EST and Sundays at 10am EST, only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

We Talk Sports Good

Dominic, Thomas, and Randell talk sports on a weekly basis for your listening pleasure.  Three former college classmates who work in the sports world.  Feel free to follow our twitter account @WeTalkSportGood and ask questions that we will answer during the broadcast.  You're welcome America.

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Craft Brewed Sports

A weekly sports and craft beer themed podcast hosted by Scott Kyser and Mike Berlon. Each week, our hosts sit down and drink a new craft beer while they discuss the week's most recent sports news. The stories tend to focus on the obscure headlines, and the stories from the sports world that will make you laugh. Each episode takes on a life of its own, and as their BAC gets higher, their rants get funnier.

Live each week on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

Reality Check'n

Matthew Melendez and Michael Jenkin give you a dose of reality when it comes to your sports teams! Some teams are overrated, others are better than so called experts believe. Sit back and enjoy the show! LIVE! every Tuesday at Noon EST on 12 oz Sports TV, and Replays Wednesday at 5pm EST on

12 oz Sports Radio

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Cows and Quacks

is a weekly sports talk show that covers top game picks & commentary around college sports.

New episodes every Friday at 10:00am & 8:00pm EST and Saturday at 10:00am EST - only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

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A weekly podcast conversation with girls about beer, sports and whatever else because it’s our show and we do what we want.

Catch them every Wednesday at 4:00pm EST on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

T&T Sports Talk

Welcome to the T&T Sports Talk podcast. Just two brothers and a iPhone talking about the biggest sports headlines in the world today. Each episode features football,baseball,and basketball talk. Listen every Wednesday at 7am EST and Friday at 7pm EST.

Captain Lou's Pucks and Pigskins

Captain Lou brings years of experience LIVE to 12 oz Sports Radio, talking Hockey and Football. Lots of great guest and sports talk.

LIVE every Tuesday night from 8-10pm EST!!!

Bourbon and Bad Opinions

Bourbon and Bad Opinions, where what we're drinkin' is better than what we're thinkin'. A podcast where every other week we drink good bourbon and give you our bad opinions on a variety of different topics. Every other Monday, at 4:00pm EST only on 12 oz Sports Radio!


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Uneducated Fight Club

3 brothers from different mothers get together for every UFC PPV so why not do a radio show? Listen live 8 PM before every UFC PPV on 

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Bardown Radio Presented by Belly Up Sports

They like to drink and talk sports.

Catch them every Tuesday at 4pm EST on 12 oz Sports Radio!!

12 oz Sports LIVE with Fake Lou Holtz

The "house band" of the station - their performances are as rare as seeing Big Foot.....but when they're LIVE it's a must listen!!


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Mike in Ten

Michael Karvelis () talks sports fast and furious...all in 10 minutes!!

Check the schedule for new episodes - only on 12 oz Sports Radio!!


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Beck's Work Week in Review

Every Friday from 2pm to 4pm EST, Live. Discuss sports news and updates from Monday through Thursday of each week.

Call (330) 866-0525 when live!!


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