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e-Racing Championship Series 2020

2020 Season Schedule

Friday, June 5th; 8pm EST  -  Dragon Trail, Garden Course  -  30 Laps (Gr. 3 Class)

Friday, June 12th; 8pm EST  -  Kyoto Driving Park, Yamagiwa Course  -  30 Laps (Gr. 4 Class)

Friday, June 19th; 8pm EST  -  WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca  -  30 Laps (Gr. 3 Class)

Friday, June 26th; 8pm EST -  Red Bull Ring  -  30 Laps (Gr. 4 Class)

Friday, July 10th; 8pm EST -  Autodromo Nazionale Monza Full Course -  25 Laps (Gr. 3 Class)

Friday, July 24th; 8pm EST -  Fuji Internationale Speedway (Full)  -  30 Laps (Gr. 4 Class)

Friday, July 31st; 8pm EST -  BB Raceway  -  90 Laps (Gr. 3 Class)

Friday, August 7th; 8pm EST -  Tsukuba Circuit  -  35 Laps (Gr. 4 Class)

TBD -  Brand's Hatch Grand Prix  -  30 Laps (Gr. 3 Class)

*Championship - TBD  -  Endurance Race  -  Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Grand Prix  -  50 Laps (Gr. 4 Class)

Standings (Click HERE)



Race Simulator: Gran Turismo Sport via PlayStation

Phases: Practice/Race

Max Drivers: 15

Laps: See schedule

Start: Rolling Start

Grid: Fastest Qualifier 1st

Boost: None

Slipstream: Real

Visible Damage: On

Mechanical Damage: Light

Tire Wear: 2x

Fuel Consumption: 2x

Initial Fuel: Default

Tire Grip on wet or off track surface: Real

Race Finish Delay (to allow passing/position changes on final lap for non-winners): 180 Seconds

Overtaking System: Default

Qualifying time: 30 Minutes

Balance of Performance: On

Max Horse Power: N/A

Weight Limit Min/Max: No limit

Max/Min Tire Rating: No limit

Car Paint/Racing # Restrictions: No limit

Kart Usage: off

Car tuning: Prohibited

Shortcut Penalty: Weak

Side Contact Penalty: none

Wall Collision Penalty: None

Correct vehicle after collision/Replace cars/Ghost lapped cars: All these are OFF

Flag Rules: on

Counter-steering Assist: Prohibited

Active Stability Management: Prohibited

Driving Line Assist: Prohibited

Traction Control: No Limit

ABS Brakes: No Limit

Auto-Drive: Prohibited


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