Did they get the college football playoff rankings right?


Obviously not.

Well, I’ll backtrack on that quick. I’m not sure that two of the four teams will even be in the CFB Playoff when the season ends.

Ohio State at the top makes sense based on the schedule so far. They’ve dominated any ranked opponent this season and they haven’t shown much weakness. Nov.23 vs Penn State and Nov.30 vs Mich will be their telltale sign.

LSU and Alabama is where I really start to question the rankings, but hey, great news! They play this weekend. If one team wins by 14+ points, the other doesn’t deserve to be in the CFB Playoffs.

Penn State at 4…. the only way I can describe this is meh. I don’t see them beating Clemson, Georgia or Oregon (ew) for that matter, so they damn sure better not lose against Minnesota this weekend. They also have Ohio State on Nov.23, where they can prove themselves.

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