NHL Playoff Picture

Glenn Kaplan

The NHL regular season is officially on winter break a couple of days early due to COVID outbreaks with some teams. A lot of fans and teams have been paying attention to the standings at this point in time anyways. Anyhow, before I get into the current playoff picture and […]

Cleveland Browns Playoff Hopes Feels Dashed

Glenn Kaplan

The Cleveland Browns game against the Las Vegas Raiders was pushed back from Saturday afternoon to Monday evening. Cleveland was without quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and Case Keenum, along with other players and head coach Kevin Stefanski. Nick Mullens made the start for the Browns. He was good, but it wasn’t […]

Biting Kneecaps Proves Better Than Kicking Legs and Lap Dances; Don’t Blame Walker and Pickett for Leaving

Lou Gamelin

Dan Campbell and Urban Meyer both entered the 2021 NFL season 0-0.  Both teams inherited morbid franchises.  Both guys came in with tough guy mentality.  Campbell, taking over a hot mess created by Matt Patricia, claimed they were going to be kicking ass, and taking names, biting kneecaps on the […]

Same Old Los Angeles Chargers

Glenn Kaplan

The Los Angeles Chargers had a chance to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs after Justin Herbert threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to Keenan Allen with 2:19 remaining in regulation to go up 28-21. Los Angeles gave up the tying score to Travie Kelce and also the game-winning score in overtime […]