NFL Quarterback Award


The NFL season is one that is full of uncertainties and assumptions. Fans and analyst alike will try to predict the Superbowl competitors, Superbowl Champ and MVP.  The announcement for who won what end of season award went down pretty much as anyone could assume for this season. For the […]

Biting Kneecaps Proves Better Than Kicking Legs and Lap Dances; Don’t Blame Walker and Pickett for Leaving

Lou Gamelin

Dan Campbell and Urban Meyer both entered the 2021 NFL season 0-0.  Both teams inherited morbid franchises.  Both guys came in with tough guy mentality.  Campbell, taking over a hot mess created by Matt Patricia, claimed they were going to be kicking ass, and taking names, biting kneecaps on the […]

Let Chaos Ensue

Let’s run through the many possibilities, as the 2021 season set a record for the number of upsets, anything can happen this weekend. The chaos calculator is brought to you by BetUS (Promo: 12OZ) and MyBookie (Promo: 12OZSPORTS) – both promo codes get you enormous deposit bonuses!   Georgia wins, […]