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Buzz in Charlotte

Tyler Valdez

Hornets fans have got to be pumped about the recent additions to the roster.  Getting LaMelo Ball at the 3rd pick, they were already trending in the right direction.  Saturday night, Buzz City landed free agent Gordon Hayward to a 4 year-$120 million deal.  Charlotte had to waive Nicolas Batum […]

State Of The Lakers

Round 1 Game 5 On Wednesday history was made but noton the court. NBA players decided to doself-motivated strike to address socialinjustices that have divided the countryand has been the trending topic most ofthe year. In a emergency call with thecommissioner and owners the playersgrievances were addressed and theseason was […]

State Of The Lakers

Round 1 Game 3 The nightcap of a full day of playoff game. The Lakers came in as the road team against The Portland Trailblazers The series is tied 1-1. Both teams have felt each other’s best punch. The stars of both teams are playing through injuries. This game is […]

16 Team Tourney in July?

The "Jefe" Beck

Amidst the Covid-19 global pandemic scare, every sports league from the NBA to the local muni-leagues have shut down indefinitely. However, light is starting to appear at the end of the tunnel. As restrictions slowly get lifted, all major sports leagues are now discussing plans to either resume, play a […]