The Hurt Business EP01

The Hurt Business w/ JB & CP Every Tuesday & Thursday EP.01 | Pugilism Company The Hurt Business Podcast covers weekly topics of Boxing, UFC and Sports! Tune in every Tuesday & Thursday to get updates and news. Hosted by: JB & CP Home O…

Fulton Vs Leo Clash of The Undefeated

Written By Pop Dibiase Stephon Fulton and Angelo Leo are both undefeated and proven. Both have their big moment occurring on Showtime Championship Boxing on Saturday 8/1 at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. These 2 fighters are undefeated and proven both have fought on big stages in undercards and […]

Charlo’s Land PPV Doubleheader

The Charlo Twins have arrived at the grand stage not the way they envisioned but now there is no holding back the Twin brothers who are establishing a legacy they already have made by being the 1st Twin brothers to hold titles simultaneously also the both hold the WBC Championship […]