It’s Not Just A Piece of Metal, Rob

Greg Cowan

Rob Manfred made a statement that no one involved with the MLB should ever say, let alone the commissioner of the league. He described the World Series trophy as, “a piece of metal”. That’s correct, he described the trophy that every team, fanbase, and organization strive for…a piece of metal. […]

The Astros Apology Was BAD

Greg Cowan 1

The Houston Astros have had weeks to prepare. Their sign stealing scandal had been out in the open since November. Yet, on Thursday morning, Jim Crane and a few of his players stepped up to a mic and gave everyone an underwhelming apology that felt disingenuous. The scandal has been […]

The MLB is Talking Playoffs….Expansion

Greg Cowan

It seems nowadays that every professional league is looking at new ways to grow the game. The NBA is considering regular season and postseason changes, the NFL is considering adding another game, and now the MLB is getting involved in the fun. Rob Manfred and the MLB have presented an […]

The Mookie Betts Deal Was Inevitable

Greg Cowan

The deal is done, well pending physicals. That’s right, Mookie Betts is going to be a Dodger and it just doesn’t feel normal to say or write. It’s the reality that Red Sox fans are facing and unsurprising they aren’t very happy about it. Trust me, I’m one of them. […]