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Hockey is (almost) back (we hope)


Ok there’s a lot of unknowns here, but we’re inching closer to NHL playoff hockey. At this point in time, I really don’t even care how many teams get in to the playoffs. I just want hockey back! 12 oz. Sports @12ozSports 12 oz. Sports (@12ozSports). A radio station featuring […]

Finally, real sports are back


The Bundesliga has returned. . . . . . . That is all… . . . . . . Just kidding. I’m pumped and you should be too because we finally get a legit elite professional sports league back! This isn’t the Belarussian footy premier or the lame Taiwan stick […]

The NHL regular season is dead


Just cancel it already. If you haven’t got into the playoff picture after 68-70 games, you didn’t do your job. That’s my main reason for wanting the National Hockey League’s regular season cancelled. Draft lottery teams have no interest in winning anymore and wasting another month on finishing up the […]