At Long Last the New York Giants Season Is Over

Glenn Kaplan

The New York Giants had its season finale today at home at an Empty MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey against The Washington Football Team. New York got dominated in every which way and lost to Washington 22-7.

The final straw for Joe Judge as the head coach of the New York Giants was when on a third-and-nine from their own 4-yard line, they ran a quarterback sneak. Are you actually serious right now? Everyone on Twitter made fun of it. This is a national embarrassment. There is no hope for this franchise moving forward unless Owner John Mara wakes up and opens his eyes that no New York Giants fans showed up today and everyone basically left at halftime.

There is a lot wrong with this franchise. There were also so many boo birds at home. Fans were yelling at John Mara and this is much more than a mess. This has turned into a poverty organization that needs to hire football minds and knows how to scout and draft football players. They need a coach who will put their players in positions to succeed and not be a laughing stock.

Jacob Fromm was a national embarrassment and so was this entire offense all season. The New York Giants lost their last six football games without quarterback Daniel Jones by more than 10 points in each football game. This is the worst franchise has ever been in.

Joe Judge will be meeting with Owner John Mara this week. He is also the first head coach in New York Giants history to finish a season with 13 losses. This deserves a firing and no third season as their head coach also. New York needs to get it right. We will see what happens moving forward with this franchise.

The Washington Football Team (7-10) finishes in third place in the NFC East.

The New York Giants (4-13) finishes in fourth place in the NFC East.

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Photo Credit: Twitter @Dan_Salomone

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