Am I a Hypocrite? Do I have to give up my Maize and Blue Card?

Lou Gamelin

I sit down last night to watch the second of two CFB Playoff, this one between Ohio St. and Clemson, and I feel absolutely dirty.   Growing up a Michigan fan, I feel like I have to say a prayer on Monday to Bo Schembechler and ask him for his forgiveness.  It was brought to my attention be one of our fellow broadcasters that I said that Ohio St. did not belong in the CFB Playoff.   Yes I did say that.  And I also think they shouldn’t have been in the B1G Ten Championship game, but the powers that be relented, and let them in.  But after listening to the vomit and venom that came out of the mouth of Dabo Swinney, it made me lean more and more towards the scarlet and grey.  It felt weird.  But it felt right.

How ironic was it that the game fortunes turned on almost the same type of play as a year ago.  Last year, the targeting hit on Trevor Lawrence turned the momentum after Ohio St. jumped out to a 16-0 lead.  This year with the game tied, it happened on a hit on Justin Fields.  The Buckeyes never looked back, and you could see the helplessness on the face of Dabo.  And it was priceless, almost vindicating.

49-28, I didn’t see that happening.  Thank you Dabo for the bulletin board material.  Yes, you have your right to think that way.  But I know the state of Ohio thanks you.  So does the B1g Ten.  It vindicated the B1G Ten.  They were over cautious in the Covid protocols, I tend to agree.  But Ohio St, as much as this pains me, wanted to play more than any team.. They were one of the four best teams, and it showed.    Now you can have Trevor Lawrence as the top pick in the draft, one game does not put Justin Fields ahead of him.  No way.  And you can give Trevor his consolation prize, The Heisman Trophy.  But Ohio State will gladly take another week of practice to prepare for Alabama.

Does Ohio State have a chance against Alabama, sure they do.  Will they win?  to quote Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone: “I can only carry my hypocrisy so far!”    Alabama, 34, Ohio St. 27

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