2019 March Madness Betting Tips – Betting Odds and Categories

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March is here and the top basketball teams across the U.S. are gearing up to face off against each other. This year’s tournament is expected to be explosive as the top teams promise to bring out their best and brightest players. Fans cannot wait, and bettors are hoping for big pay-outs.

Here is a brief but comprehensive review of the NCAA March Madness 2019 betting odds and options.

Betting Odds – Where Do the Teams Stand

Sportsbooks have picked out their favorite teams for the 2019 tournament. There is a consensus among most sportsbooks that the Duke Blue Devils are best situated to take the trophy home this year. The team has performed exceptionally well prior to the tournament, and its winning streak is expected to last into the tournament.

North Carolina’s UNC Tar Heels have also inspired confidence among many fans and sportsbooks. UNC shone bright during the last season and took the trophy home. They have also performed exceptionally well prior to the upcoming tournament, perhaps even better than the Duke Blue Devils – they have suffered fewer humiliating defeats than the latter.

However, each team has a given odd, and each team has a fair chance to take the trophy home. Here are odds for the most popular 15 teams from three of the most trustworthy betting sites:

Team DraftKings Odds BetStars Odds FanDuel Odds
Duke +225 +225 +230
Virginia +700 +1300 +1000
Gonzaga +700 +850 +700
Kentucky +900 +1400 +1200
Tennessee +1200 +1600 +1100
Michigan +1200 +1200 +1500
Michigan State +1400 +1800 +1500
North Carolina +1400 +1700 +1500
Kansas +2200 +2700 +3700
Nevada +2500 +1600 +3600
Villanova +4000 +3300 +4900
Purdue +4000 +8000 +3000
Virginia Tech +6000 +5000 +3600
Wisconsin +7000 +8000 +3600
Auburn +7000 +2500 +3600


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Betting Options and Categories

NCAA has several betting categories that offer unique betting opportunities. They include:

  • In-Competition Betting

The current odds are not fixed – they are always changing as lines and circumstances change. However, they are expected to soar considerably once the tournament begins, giving you the chance to bet in-competition.

Knowledge of basketball and betting skills come in handy here as it is easy to assess and analyze different teams’ skills and momentum. Your chances of winning will be good if you have a good grasp on factors such as spreads, totals, and lines.

  • Betting Money Line

Betting the money line is quite simple and requires both skills and lucks. It basically involves picking one team over its competitor regardless of the game’s final score. It may be simple but it is not easy as it is the hardest line to predict. On the bright side, however, the stakes are quite high, and so is the payout if you are lucky enough to win.

  • Betting Spreads

Betting spreads is a respite for bettors who have a difficult time betting on matchups, which are considerably harder to predict. There is more room for players to make their picks in this category. However, it takes more skills than luck to win, and knowledge of several factors comes in handy. Things to consider when placing your bet include the team’s points allowed per game averages, current records and trends against the spread, and the team’s momentum and performance in recent matches.

  • Betting Totals and Unders

Betting totals and unders is eerily similar to betting spreads. The main factor to consider in this category is the team’s defensive and offensive statistics – it also pays to factor in the team’s recent performance and momentum. This category is quite easy and takes more skills than luck to win.

  • Out-of-Competition Betting

Out-of-competition betting gives you a chance to bet on futures’ lines. The odds in this category are considerably bigger than in other categories, and there are big payouts to look forward to. However, considering how volatile college basketball is, winning in this category depends more on luck than skills.


2019’s March Madness tournament is just around the corner, and it will be action-packed for fans and bettors alike. If you want to watch March Madness live outside of the States, get yourself a reliable VPN and stream away. Hurry and make your analysis and picks to not only have fun but also cash in on the biggest college basketball event of the year!



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